For the Love of 30

For the love of 30

On Sunday, the Mr. finally caught up with me.

He turned 30, six months after I did. Thank goodness, because every year, he loves reminding me that I am older than him for those six months.

I’m not a particularly crafty person, but one of the little ways I showed him the love was to make a pseudo-scrapbook, showing 30 (of many, many) things I adore about him.

30 things I love about you

I love your style

Asleep on the couch

You are fun

Since I plan on spending the next 50+ birthdays with this guy, I’m always looking for new and creative ideas to love on him every year… any suggestions? I’d love to hear some!

15 thoughts on “For the Love of 30

  1. What a great idea! I’m sure this means so much to Mr. P. You’re so creative, and the things you’ve made for us are so dear.

  2. So funny- I am exactly 6 months older than my husband, too. And let me tell you, as soon as I turn the next year older, he milks it for all it’s worth! Now that I have three little boys too, they love to remind me that I am the oldest in the house!

    Such a sweet post for your love.

  3. Love love love this idea!!! I am actually six years older than my husband so I have a few years to prepare for his big 3-0. I’m definitely the old lady in the house;) I think a cute idea could be to include a list of your favorite places whether it be vacation spots or areas in your home that are meaningful to you as they are always changing and it is great to document them for future reference:)

  4. Your relationship with P is one of the examples of what I’d hope for someday in a marriage. You set such an example a Godly relationship.


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