For the Love of 30 Part 2: Manly Gifts

cords boots and mug

While handmade is nice and always appreciated, here’s a peek at the manly gifts the Mr. got for the big 3-0. I wish I could take credit for these stylish-yet-practical picks, but it was all him.

1. J. Crew cords His self-proclaimed new “old trusties.” Classic and comfy.

2. Ecco boots Lambskin lined and waterproof, yet chic enough for a casual dinner date.

3. REI mug To keep his coffee warm on early mornings.

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4 thoughts on “For the Love of 30 Part 2: Manly Gifts

  1. Lauren says:

    JCrew cords are my guy’s old trusties, too. He wears a deep blue color a lot and they go with everything!

  2. aweighwithme says:

    They are great, aren’t they?

  3. That is so funny because my hubby is the pickiest person I’ve met and he basically chooses all of his presents too! Haha. I do like that it makes my job easier:)

  4. aweighwithme says:

    Same here! I like being able to pick things out for him, but for the most part he prefers to do it himself. :)


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