Greatness is Within

27-year-old Deontay Wilder is a currently undefeated heavyweight boxer, and is the only American to win a medal for boxing in the Summer Olympics. But before he ever discovered boxing, his baby girl Naeiya was born with severe spina bifida, and was never expected to walk. He abandoned dreams of becoming a professional athlete, working several jobs in order to pay for the surgeries and medical care she needed. With his success as a boxer, he can now afford to give her the best care possible, and she is walking on her own.

I love hearing stories of sacrificial love and that result in such powerful triumph. I hope this beautiful film serves as an inspiring start to your week! xo

Creative Success

I love this advice from Ira Glass and found it really encouraging.

Malcom Gladwell says that according to the “10,000-Hour Rule”, you have to practice your craft (whatever it might be) for a total of around 10,000 hours in order to achieve creative success. Isn’t that fascinating?

Whether or not this is true for blogging, this video is inspiring me today to keep doing the things I love, even on days when I’m not sure it’s any good. Keep going!

And happy Friday.


Darling Magazine


Have you read Darling Magazine? You should. I received a copy from a friend who contributed to the spring issue, and it is such a joy to read. It covers topics of daily life, food, literature, travel, work, beauty, and style while compassionately redefining what it means to be a woman in today’s world of materialsim and merciless expectations. It is empowering, uplifting, enlightening, and gorgeous all at the same time.

Their blog is equally amazing and a daily dose of beauty and inspiration, but there is just something about flipping through the thick pages that makes it come alive. Check it out! xo


Our Anchors We Will Weigh

I’m blessed to live and work with people I love who also happen to have amazing taste. When a friend of mine introduced me to Jon Contino’s work, I flipped.

As a going away present for my hubby before he left for boot camp, I bought this print and had our friends and family sign it with encouragement and words of love at his going away party. It now hangs in our bedroom as a daily reminder of how much we are loved.

Six Minute Gem for Monday: Paperman

A friend of mine at work shared this with our creative team, and I can’t get over how sweet it is. Apparently after Pixar was bought out by Disney, one of Pixar’s best animation directors brought this piece to Disney with him. I’m fascinated by how they were able to tell the story so beautifully without words! It’s been nominated for Best Animated Short at the Oscars.

A fascinating look (+ another) at how and why it was made.