Sound Check: Remember My Name


This lovely Malaysian singer named Yuna is worth a listen – I’ve really enjoyed listening to her sweet voice the last few weeks. I also wish I could pull off a head scarf like she can, don’t you? She picked up songwriting at the age of 19 while in law school. I’m so glad she did!

Happy Friday! xo

Summer Romance Part 2: Playlist

natalie-wood-and-robert-wagnerA few weeks ago I mentioned that the Mr and I were making the most of the little time we have to spend together this summer. Here’s a little romantic soundtrack that has been playing in the background during these sweet times, if you’d like a listen.

It’s also just a lovely playlist for lazy summer days. :)

Enjoy! xo

Photo: Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner

Sound Check: Johnnyswim


I just discovered Johnnyswim this week, a fantastic husband-and-wife duo (Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano) and had to share them with you. This is some of the most wonderful music I have encountered in a long time, and it was tough to settle on which one of their gems to share. “Adelina” is just achingly good, a gorgeous mix of strings and soul and heartbreaking harmonies.

What makes their music that much sweeter is their romance:

S: Then we started hanging out and at one point, I was like, do you want to write together? So we started writing and singing together.
R: And I took her request to sing and write together to mean we were taking the relationship further. So she asked me how much time I had, and I figured the rest of my life would suffice.

Isn’t that darling?

Hit up their site, listen to their delicious tracks, and have a fabulous Wednesday! xo

Sound Check: One Works Better


Have you ever watched the series Nashville? It has become one of my favorites, and not only because it stars Connie Britton (you Friday Night Lights fans know exactly what I’m talking about), but also because the music is absolutely AMAZING. And it’s all brilliantly performed by the actors themselves.

“One Works Better” is a gem, sung by the charming duo Clare Bowen (aka, Scarlett) and Sam Palladio (Gunnar). You would never guess that she is from Australia and he from Britain, given their syrupy sweet southern accents on the show (and being from the South, I must say they do a fine job). :) The season finale aired a few weeks ago, so alas, I will have to be patient for the next season.

In happier news, the Mr comes home today after being away for training a whole month! I am over the moon. I intend to have a very happy weekend, and wish the same for you. ;)

Photo by Patrick Fraser.

Sound Check: Who’s Lovin’ You

Here’s a sweet subway performance by Michael Bublé. How cool would it be to step out of a subway car and get your own impromptu concert?

This busy weekend will include editing a best friend’s wedding video (four years later, eesh!), taking a barre class, clocking some serious beach time, running this race, and of course a BBQ on Monday.

Any fun Memorial Day plans you’d like to share?

Happy long weekend! xo

Sound Check: One Life


Some friends and I are running a 200 mile relay race this weekend from Huntington Beach to San Diego. The race will benefit a school here in San Diego called Monarch, that specifically serves homeless kids.

The most exciting part about the race is that a team of older kids from Monarch who wanted to get involved will be running as well! I’m so blown away by their motivation and am excited to hang out with them this weekend (while trying to keep up with them :)

Those kids, and this song by James Morrison, are inspiring me today. (And I will need all the inspiration I can get to run 15 miles, haha!) Wish us luck, and happy Friday!

Sound Check: I’ll Keep You Safe


I’ve felt a little nostalgic the last few days with Mr being gone.

This lovely song by Sleeping at Last is comforting on this cloudy morning… It reminds me that I don’t have to live life perfectly to be loved or held close. And that God is with me, whether my husband is or not.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Can you feel the weight of it?

The whole world at your fingertips

Don’t be, don’t be afraid

Our mistakes, they were bound to be made

But I promise you I’ll keep you safe

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I hope you have a lovely, peaceful weekend. xo

(ps – can you spot our two pups in this photo?)


Sound Check: On Top of the World

Imagine Dragons Continued Silence

Here’s a heartwarming, happy song for your Friday, from Imagine Dragons.

I’m heading out to Portland today for a dear friend’s birthday. Eight girlfriends, coffee, cocktails, lots of dancing, and sequins. Perfect for my plan to make the time pass quickly!

Happy weekend! xo

(p.s. How precious is this version of today’s song?)