While He’s Gone


Yesterday the Mr. left for a month of training. He’s not far, but he won’t be able to contact me while he’s away.

These long stretches of time apart are definitely intimidating… But instead of just wishing the time away, I’ve been inspired to try new things, knockout some to-dos around the house (like a good ol’ fashioned deep spring cleaning), and go to more yoga classes. Here are a few other ideas:

1. Let our little guy Remi (above) sleep in our bed to keep me company.

2. Try a few new simple and tasty meals (I tried this one last night with a glass of white wine and it was amazing!).

3. Finally use this deal I bought with my 2 besties (Eek! I’m a little scared!).

4. Daydream about a mini getaway we’re planning for our fourth anniversary, as soon as he gets home (below is a photo from our last mini getaway at New Year’s).


I’ll continue to share my solo adventures as the weeks go by (quickly, I hope!). Any other ideas of how to make the time pass?

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19 thoughts on “While He’s Gone

  1. Elisabeth says:

    as a wife who lives on a completely opposite schedule form her husband, i will tell you that sleeping with my dog is some of my favorite therapy on lonely nights. also, develop a pinterest addiction (though your headboard suggests you may already be on that bandwagon). DIY is the best way to pass the time and you have something to show for it at the end. maybe we could even plan a rendezvous sometime soon. i’d love to fly out there and spend a weekend catching up or meeting half way… :)

  2. Bethany says:

    It must be so hard to be apart from your husband for so long! I go on intermittent trips for work but they are never longer than a week, and THAT is too long for me. A month seems like forever. Good for you for being proactive!

  3. nicole says:

    1st that meal looks YUM!!!
    2nd your dog is so stinkin cute
    3rd Where did you stay i WANT to go there..looks idealic!
    4th come visit me in your spare time..Or learn how to sew or SHOPPING THERAPY!! A good shopping spree always makes me feel happy and broke at the same time :)

    Love you and miss you and know we pray for you while hes gone!

  4. aweighwithme says:

    All of those are very valid suggestions!! I miss you too. xoxo (ps the place is called The Lodge at Torrey Pines. It was amazing!) xo

  5. captainronboats@gmail.com says:

    Love that shot of Remi. He’ll be in heaven sleeping on your bed! The recipe looks great…I want to try it. If you do the aerial acrobatics, please don’t fall on your head! Mom

  6. Lauren says:

    Keep busy!! The best cure for lonely nights is being so exhausted you’re asleep before you even hit the pillow. The Mr and I spent the first 9 months of our relationship apart. Keep yourself busy, have faith that he’ll come home soon and surround yourself with beauty, love, and support!

    PS. I LOVE that headboard!!

  7. […] I’m heading out to Portland today for a dear friend’s birthday. Eight girlfriends, coffee, cocktails, lots of dancing, and sequins. Perfect for my plan to make the time pass quickly! […]

  8. aweighwithme says:

    Thank you Lauren! That is great advice. :)

  9. I hope the time passes quickly for you! Mr.Possible and I have had a five month count down and we are finally at our last month. I have always thought the shorter trips apart were the most difficult because they don’t allow you to make a routine for yourself. However, a month is plenty of time to have some girl fun! I hope you have some good friends to keep you preoccupied!

  10. Funny thing is that Remi looks like a miniature Rambo.

  11. […] I’ve felt a little nostalgic the last few days with Mr being gone. […]

  12. […] I went to a hip hop dance class (an intro class, mind you!) with a friend as part of my plan to stay busy. It was so much fun and a great workout, even though I could barely keep up and looked completely […]

  13. […] since the Mr got home from training, we’ve really been enjoying a few simple pleasures together. Even though we would never […]


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