Creative Success

I love this advice from Ira Glass and found it really encouraging.

Malcom Gladwell says that according to the “10,000-Hour Rule”, you have to practice your craft (whatever it might be) for a total of around 10,000 hours in order to achieve creative success. Isn’t that fascinating?

Whether or not this is true for blogging, this video is inspiring me today to keep doing the things I love, even on days when I’m not sure it’s any good. Keep going!

And happy Friday.


2 thoughts on “Creative Success

  1. I’m super interested in Gladwell’s work on success and nature vs. nurture. My boyfriend takes it a step further connecting dots with this and free will (or lack there of). There’s something interesting theories. Anyways, whenever I’m feeling upset that i’m not perfect enough, I remember the 10,000 hours rule. Just keep keepin’ on and working hard.


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