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The other day, a friend of mine at work was telling me a story about her seven-year old’s sense of humor (apparently he finds his stepdad’s impressions more hilarious than his mom’s dry one-liners). Afterwards, she said, “I have a real little human living in my house… I’m such an adult now.”

I found that so interesting, and began wondering about the times in my life that I’ve actually felt “grown up.” More often than not, I’ve only had a vague sense that life was pointing to adulthood – formal events that conventionally categorized me as an adult, but didn’t make me feel much different.

When I got married, it felt less like stepping into official “adulthood” and more like I was getting to hang out with my best friend everyday. And when I turned 30 last year, I knew the number was significant – but for some reason I still feel roughly 24. When we have kids, I will be interested to see if I magically cross into that place where I actually feel the age I am… Whatever that feels like.

When are we considered “grown-up”? Is it when you leave home for the first time? Is it when you get married? When you have a baby? When your baby develops a sense of humor?

When did you (if you’ve ever) start to feel like an “adult”?

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8 thoughts on “Grown-up

  1. Paige says:

    Nope, I still don’t feel like a grown up. When I was 17, I thought I would feel grown up by now at 23, but I definitely feel like a lost child sometimes.

    Also, this post reminded me of this.

  2. nicole says:

    Still dont feel like one! Chad and I always say are we old enough to raise a human being!? Im asking the same question as you..ha

  3. nicole says:

    when the little one comes……!?

  4. So I heard from a little bird (Emily) about your blog. It is beautiful. Absolutely perfect. I love this post too about growing up. You said what I think a lot of people feel, including myself, perfectly. When we all start having babies we’ll either feel like tired kids or tired adults :) Hope you and P are well.

    Lots of love from Nashville!

    Jessica Rose

  5. […] Before and after: thrift store dishes from when we first got married / fresh white dishes from Crate & Barrel (that make me feel a little more grown-up). […]


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