Simple Pleasures


Ever since the Mr got home from training, we’ve really been enjoying a few simple pleasures together. Even though we would never choose separation, it does have a way of making the smaller and seemingly mundane bits of life that much sweeter when we are together. Coffee together in the mornings, a quiet dinner at the table, an evening walk with our two pups Rambo (whose giant head is pictured above) and Remi.

I’ve felt compelled to savor these moments, to write them down, to cherish them.

Are there small moments with your significant other you’ve been savoring lately?

Happy Feet

Last week I went to a hip hop dance class (an intro class, mind you!) with a friend as part of my plan to stay busy. It was so much fun and a great workout, even though I could barely keep up and looked completely ridiculous!

I was so inspired by the guy in this video (who makes his entrance at :30) that I want to go back and try it again! :) Would you try it?

Hello Monday


The weekend just evaporated, wouldn’t you agree? To start off a new week, here are a few pics of things that have brought me joy lately.

Above: Trader Joe’s Cocoa truffles. Have you tried these? They are the perfect little treat.


A cozy striped throw from Target (you can never have too many cozy things in the house, in my opinion).


A sweet bouquet that landed at my doorstep on Saturday, from the Mr’s parents (just because).


Before and after: thrift store dishes from when we first got married / fresh white dishes from Crate & Barrel (that make me feel a little more grown-up).


The best place for a walk in San Diego (whose location, according to my husband, I’m supposed to keep secret).

It will be a busy week of work, training for a charity relay race (more on that later) and visiting two (!) new babies that were both born in the last week to some dear friends.

What are you up to this week?

A Peek at Portland


Portland has such a unique and natural beauty that you wouldn’t expect to find in a big city. We stayed with one of our dearest friends and her husband, who have lived there for nearly two years. They were such amazing hosts and showed us the best of the city! Here’s a peek. (ps, How incredible is their view? I could get used to waking up to this every morning.)


Saturday morning a few of us started the day with a little hike, right outside our door.


We had coffee and treats at Nuvrei, a great cafe and pastry shop. They had the most AMAZING macarons you’ve ever had (the salted caramel was my favorite).


There were so many amazing shops to explore. At Canoe, I found one of these rad cutting boards (plus mineral oil for conditioning) for the Mr.


At Palace, I scored this J. Crew cashmere sweater (my very first cashmere anything) for 30 bucks.

Petunias-bakery Petunias-bakery

We took a break from shopping at Petunia’s, a vegan and gluten-free bakery.

Olympic-provisions Olympic-provisions

On Sunday we had brunch at Olympic Provisions. Their eggs florentine and hot cakes with orange butter (one of which I stole from my friend to the left) were to die for! They also served Stumptown coffee, which was deliciously smooth and almost chocolatey.

It was such a lovely weekend, full of good food and good quality time with some of my favorite people. Portland is on the Mr’s most wanted list (he was so jealous he couldn’t go on this trip), so we’ll hopefully be making it up there again sometime this year.

Any suggestions for must-see Portland spots for next time?

While He’s Gone


Yesterday the Mr. left for a month of training. He’s not far, but he won’t be able to contact me while he’s away.

These long stretches of time apart are definitely intimidating… But instead of just wishing the time away, I’ve been inspired to try new things, knockout some to-dos around the house (like a good ol’ fashioned deep spring cleaning), and go to more yoga classes. Here are a few other ideas:

1. Let our little guy Remi (above) sleep in our bed to keep me company.

2. Try a few new simple and tasty meals (I tried this one last night with a glass of white wine and it was amazing!).

3. Finally use this deal I bought with my 2 besties (Eek! I’m a little scared!).

4. Daydream about a mini getaway we’re planning for our fourth anniversary, as soon as he gets home (below is a photo from our last mini getaway at New Year’s).


I’ll continue to share my solo adventures as the weeks go by (quickly, I hope!). Any other ideas of how to make the time pass?

Why Thank You

blog awards

Last week, I was thankful to receive nominations for two blog awards. Blogging has been such a beautiful, rewarding experience so far, and I am so grateful for the community it has allowed me to be a part of.

The Inspiring Blog Award nomination was from a blogger friend in Chicago, In Real Life – a lovely slice-of-life blog (with some of the cutest kids in cyberspace!). The Liebster Award nomination came from my beautiful and inspiring cousin Anna who writes This Mom’s Gotta Run, documenting her fitness journey.

While I haven’t had the time to follow through on the official rules for these awards, I do want to share with you some friends who have inspired me – as a blogger, as a military wife, and as a woman. I hope you’ll check them out!

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classy grown up lady

The other day, a friend of mine at work was telling me a story about her seven-year old’s sense of humor (apparently he finds his stepdad’s impressions more hilarious than his mom’s dry one-liners). Afterwards, she said, “I have a real little human living in my house… I’m such an adult now.”

I found that so interesting, and began wondering about the times in my life that I’ve actually felt “grown up.” More often than not, I’ve only had a vague sense that life was pointing to adulthood – formal events that conventionally categorized me as an adult, but didn’t make me feel much different.

When I got married, it felt less like stepping into official “adulthood” and more like I was getting to hang out with my best friend everyday. And when I turned 30 last year, I knew the number was significant – but for some reason I still feel roughly 24. When we have kids, I will be interested to see if I magically cross into that place where I actually feel the age I am… Whatever that feels like.

When are we considered “grown-up”? Is it when you leave home for the first time? Is it when you get married? When you have a baby? When your baby develops a sense of humor?

When did you (if you’ve ever) start to feel like an “adult”?

Photo courtesy of Karen Walker.

Good Read book

In the week and a half that I’ve been blogging, I’ve really enjoyed it more than I expected… But I’ve also learned that it’s a lot more behind-the-scenes work than I expected. This lovely book has been a godsend. Written by Joy Cho of Oh Joy!, it is simple (thank goodness), easy on the eyes and full of great advice for a newbie like me. I highly recommend it for all you bloggers (novice or otherwise) out there! I bought my copy here.