Morning Routine

balcony2The view from our bedroom balcony.

A few years ago, I wrote about my great love of quiet mornings to start my day. Now that we have two little ones who are early risers, having some time to myself before they wake up has become even more important to me.

Most mornings I wake up around 5:30am, go downstairs to pour a cup of coffee (programmed to brew before I get up – it gives me more incentive to get out of bed!), and head back upstairs to read and wrap my head around the day. Sometimes if I bring a cup for my hubby and put it on his nightstand he will get up to join me, which is always welcomed company. By 6:30 the boys are up and at ’em, so we’ll play and have breakfast before we begin our day.

That stillness in the quiet and cool of the morning has become essential for my wellbeing, especially since I spend my days with two toddlers, who are anything but still and quiet! :)

What’s your morning routine? Are you an early riser or a night owl?