Last week (in the spirit of adventure) we spent a couple nights camping up at San Onofre State Beach. Here are a few photos if you’d like to see!

Our friends and their two little girls joined us as well (that’s their “shaka shack” on the left :) and our camper van on the right), so the kids ran and played and reveled in the sand and dirt. Our campsite sat right on the ocean, but still had a barrier of smooth beach rocks that kept the little ones out of the water.

When we wanted some beach time, we did a quick walk down a little path so the kids could splash in the waves and the guys could surf. I forgot to pack my wetsuit (such as it is when packing for little ones – I remembered everything else!), and my swimsuit was less than surf friendly, so I wasn’t able to join this time.

At night, we left the van doors open while we slept, and it was heaven listening to the waves crashing just outside all night. Coffee in the morning tasted so glorious. I did most of the food prep beforehand, which made feeding everyone a lot simpler.

On the second night, we opted to try out one of the camp’s little beach bungalows (below). It was so cute and cozy, but we really missed our campsite. Next time we’ll save our money and just stay on the beach!

Another sweet family adventure for the books. Thanks for taking a look! xo


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