Working from home


As long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to stay home with my children, if at all possible. When I got pregnant with our oldest son Augie, I could feel a shift in my heart that pulled me toward home life. I loved my job as a video editor, but also felt burnt out from a few years of intense work seasons. The Mr and I overhauled our spending so that we could get by on one income, and decided I would stay home full-time with the baby. I loved being able to watch him grow everyday, and spending our simple and quiet days together.

Once Augie was about 10 months old (and finding I was pregnant with our second), I felt a pull back into the professional and creative world. Since then, I’ve worked some hours here and there – mostly video editing and a little writing – which (very thankfully) I can do from home. It allows me to structure my days around my kids, while also staying connected to people I love working with and projects I feel passionate about.

As of now, 80% of what I accomplish is done while the boys are sleeping. I do my best not to work while they are awake so I can stay present with them (which can be challenging, but so worth it). On the days I do work, once the boys are napping, I typically eat a quick lunch and head up to my workspace in our bedroom. I like going to a designated “working” spot, as opposed to my laptop that lives on our dining room table. It helps me feel a bit more removed from daily life, and more creative and focused. It also helps if I’m showered and dressed in “real” clothes (as opposed to my sweaty athleisure ensemble from the morning)!

I typically don’t work in the evening hours, since the Mr and I really treasure our time together once the flurry of bedtime is over and the kids are in bed around 8pm. We get to talk, check in with each other over a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and catch up on any shows we might be watching. I also function and feel my personal best when I close the screens at the end of the day, and take time to unwind physically and mentally.

I’m very thankful for this season in life – that I can watch my little ones grow everyday, while also having a little time to engage my creativity and collaborate with other adult-type people. :) And I’ve found that my limited work schedule has actually forced me to manage my time more effectively over the years. These days, I can get way more done in 2 hours than I ever did when I worked a full day in an actual office.

If you work from home, how do you get the most out of your day?

Photo above c. 2013 from my pre-motherhood days. 

One thought on “Working from home

  1. With two little ones at home, I’m impressed you’re able to structure your time to do any work at home! I’m considering registering with an online tutoring service to bump up my savings.


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