Backyard Haven

Last month, the Mr began a huge undertaking – demolishing our old back porch, tripling its size, and adding a roof to create an outdoor oasis. Although it’s been a slow process so far, the dream is to create a relaxed and cozy space with a surf shack vibe, that provides plenty of room for a huge dining table and comfy seating round an outdoor fireplace.

Here are a few images that have inspired me lately:


Image via


Image via


Image via


Image via

I’ll share before and after progress photos as we go. It will be a several month process, since work and little ones don’t always allow for hours spent on home improvement projects. ;)

To see more of our backyard haven inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board!


One thought on “Backyard Haven

  1. Those photo’s show a lot of potential, all so reflective of who you & the Mr are; fun loving, easy going, and a joy❣️


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