Java Tea Launch


This past weekend, we were invited to celebrate the launch of Java Tea, a brilliant tea company a few dear friends have been working tirelessly on for years. We were so honored to be invited to the launch party, which was almost single-handedly pulled off by my one of my besties, and filled to the brim with good friends, food, and fun. Here’s a peek!


Highlights: a to-die-for table of cheeses…


amazing tea-infused beer and cocktails…


some of my favorite people all in one room…


…and of course, a crazy-fun photo booth (c/o amigobooth).amigo-booth

We even got to take a bag of tea tins to enjoy at home.


Thank you for the good times Java Tea peeps! Be sure to check them out and buy some tea.

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9 thoughts on “Java Tea Launch

  1. says:

    Our best wishes and God’s blessings on the Java Tea Co. from Kathryn’s mom & dad!

  2. I’m convinced there’s NOTHING better than a good photo booth session. They’re always so fun!

  3. beccagarber says:

    Wow, this is amazing! What a beautiful event for such an amazing company! I hope they do very well. :-)

  4. ooo! looks like a fantastic event and THOSE DRINKS!

  5. I am so in the mood for tea! Your pictures were stunning. Take me with you next time!


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