William And Audrey

The other night when the Mr and I were out to dinner, we started talking about some of the quirks we’ve observed about each other, that maybe we didn’t know about ourselves.

He told me something I was completely unaware of. Apparently, when I’m in a large group in friendly conversation and am trying to make a point among a lot of competing voices, I raise my voice suddenly (and my eyebrows). Since I am mostly a soft-spoken person, this often catches him off-guard, and when he demonstrated his reaction (a funny expression of shock) it made me laugh out loud.

I love those moments when you get a glimpse beyond the everyday familiarity and see each other in a new way. It brings back a little of the new-ness and the mystery from when we were dating and getting to know each other.

Other questions we’ve asked each other on dates: What were you like when you were little? Where did you go on “dates” in high school? What was your favorite music in college?

I’d love more date night question ideas! Do you have any?

(Also, another list of funny questions to ask your date.)

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7 thoughts on “Dating

  1. It’s funny. Sometimes A and I go to dinner and we get so stuck talking logistics about a project we’re working on together, or planning a trip for the summer, or debating the plot-line of Lost. And all of those are well and good and great, but the nights where we settle in at sushi and find ourselves talking about what makes us happy in life’s little moments are so special too. The other day, I found out just how much A loves driving for the sake of driving with the windows open and the stereo blaring. HA! I laughed just because I really had no idea how much that was a little thing that he loved. Thanks for the remider to circle back to these sorts of conversations and questions. There’s always more to learn about the person we lay our head next to.


    1. It’s so true! There is truly no end to the depth of each other, especially since we are always evolving and changing as we grow older… It’s fun to keep exploring!

  2. Sometimes when my hubz and I are in bed at night, I say “Tell me a story.” And then I proceed to learn something new about him – something from his childhood, or a random memory, or a funny situation that happened earlier in the day. I never know what I’m going to get. It’s fun to discover new things after years & years of assuming you know everything about someone.

  3. My Mr and I had a smiliary moment this past weekend!! Quick texts that just revealed how much we actually know the other. He was out of town for work and I went for sushi with a friend. We got a hair up our backsides and decided to go to the race track. I texted the Mr and simply said “Guess where we’re going!” and he texted back “The race track?” I was sure he had bugged my car. The very next day, he was in his hotel room and texted he was watching a movie, and guess which movie was on next? And instantly I knew it was Step Brothers. It’s little moments like these that remind us how well we know each other and make us feel connected, no matter the distance :)


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