The Bedside

I love that our bedroom is clean, minimal, and calming. It’s one of my favorite rooms, and our bedside tables reflect the simplicity I try to keep. Just a simple framed photo, a candle, a lamp. Sometimes fresh sprigs of something from the farmer’s market. A small basket I found at Home Goods is perfect for magazines and letter writing necessities.


For the hubby’s bedside table I recently found this amazing print from Scout’s Honor, which I hope is an inspiring reminder for him every morning.


7 thoughts on “The Bedside

  1. I pray you and P prosper in your new adventure. Life throws challenges our way constantly so we must adapt. It’s the hardest thing for me, to adapt to new situations, especially when I’ve grown accustomed to my present circumstances.

    You guys will do well.

  2. I love the pallet as well! And you’re such a thoughtful wife with the encouraging note for P :) Hope to see you guys soon


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