Guest Post: Helpful Thoughts from Emma


Today’s post is by a dear friend and fellow blogger, Emma, was kind enough to share some words of wisdom for service members transitioning to civilian life. Thank you Emma!

If you are on the verge of retiring from the military and are beginning the process to transition back into civilian life, there should be no worries about the prospects of getting a decent job. Although at first it might seem challenging trying to get back into the swing of things, there are plenty of ways to go about finding the right job after leaving the armed forces. Many myths surround the employment prospects for servicemen and women but I’m here to help bust some of them so you can start focusing on a successful job search.

Myth #1: There are no resources for former military personnel to transition back into civilian life

This is perhaps the biggest myth of all. There are tons of resources out there geared towards helping military veterans and their families transition back into civilian life. There are many nonprofit organizations today working exclusively with the military to help returning veterans find jobs, housing, schools for their children, etc. Hire Heroes USA provides workshops to help veterans with job skills training. They even hold job fairs to connect veterans with prospective employers.

Myth #2: Companies are not hiring

Although the recession has had a major impact on various industries, things are surely beginning to recover. Nonetheless, job prospects do depend on the industry and position in which you are going after. Even in the midst of layoffs, companies are still hiring to find the best talent. Even if the situation seems bleak, eventually things will get better and before you know it, your phone will be ringing off the hook with prospective employers looking to interview you.

Myth #3: Resources are only geared towards military veterans

While there are a wide variety of resources specifically designed for families of active servicemen, there is also a lot of assistance targeted towards families of veterans. The Military Spouse Employment Partnership allows the spouses of veterans to search for jobs, get career advice and job skills training, like writing resumes and cover letters.

Myth #4: Companies don’t care about applicants

While this may have been true years ago, the recession has forced companies to look very hard and screen all potential applicants. The pool of talent has gotten larger and more companies are realizing that there is a lot of competition for very limited job opportunities. Because of this, they are making the job application process easier with mobile recruiting solutions from companies like JIBE, and offering benefits such as telecommuting, free day care, on-site fitness facilities, etc.

Emma is a mid 20-something with a passion for life, love, fitness, and helping others. She loves to be active and get involved in as many sport and community activities as possible. Emma is currently studying to become a Career & Life Coach, and loves to network with people from around the world. You can check out Emma’s blog here.

Photo courtesy of Heather Roth Photography.



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